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The director of 1998 Halloween movie Practical Magic — which stars Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman as magically-gifted sisters — revealed to Vulture in a new interview that an actual witch put a curse on the film during production.

Griffin Dunne told the outlet that when he began to adapt the script for the movie from Alice Hoffman’s book of the same name, he turned to a witch consultant for help.

While I was developing it, I was never quite sure I had a real handle on the movie because, quite honestly, witches had no great interest to me. But I loved the book and I liked the setting and when I was working with this witch consultant, it occurred to me that I was making a movie about something I do know a lot about — strong women. I grew up in a house with a strong mother and my grandmother.

So I had three generations of formidable women and when I got that into my head, I realized it’s not really about spells and spell books and all that — it’s about a legacy being passed from one generation to another. That helped me understand it, and that understanding came out of these conversations I had with this witch consultant.

Calling the consultant an “intelligent person,” Dunne said he invited her to watch rehearsals for the movie in Los Angeles and to put her up in a nice hotel.

The witch, however, was not pleased. ” ‘You’re not going to buy me off with a hotel room. I want a percentage of the movie. I’m going to have my own Practical Magic cookbook,’ ” Dunne recalled her telling a producer, adding that though she was paid well, the woman wanted “an additional $250,000 dollars.”

Dunne said the producer told her no, which made the witch consultant snap: “She says, ‘I’m going to put a curse on you. I’m putting a curse on this movie, and I’m putting a curse on Griffin.’ ”

The director received a similar voicemail from the woman, in which she threatened him, saying “There is a land of curses!” Calling the message “terrifying,” Dunne added that at one point, the consultant was speaking in tongues. She subsequently sued Warner Brothers.

“So I give the legal department the tape and they can’t listen to it all the way through, either,” recalled Dunne. “They’re so freaked out by it, they just pay the witch off. I don’t know how much, but enough to make her go away.”

Vulture reported that the movie was panned by critics, despite gaining a cult status in later years.

Women, and girls, in particular, were all so moved by it, and it did very well at the box office. But despite that, it had a weird reputation for being a failure. So I don’t give the curse any power, but at the same time, I did come to think that somehow a little stink was put on the movie. It took time for that stink to go away.

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The Hollywood Reporter – Lionsgate has picked up the domestic rights to the Sandra Bullock-starring action thriller Vigilance.

The pic is inspired by the 2004 French film Le Convoyeur, and explores greed, revenge and the dark heart of human nature. Directed by Narcos director Josef Wladyka from a screenplay by Ethan Erwin, Albert Hughes and John Hodge, the film will be produced by Silver Pictures’ Joel Silver and executive produced by Hal Sadoff.

Lionsgate inked a first-look TV deal with Silver Pictures in 2015. Vigilance portrays Alex (Bullock), an American who has fallen on hard times, beginning a job at a London armored car company that was the target of a deadly heist.

As she works her way into the confidence of the tight-knit crew, she has her own mysterious agenda and an explosive secret from her past that propels the story in new directions. Bullock will also serve as executive producer.

Lionsgate will release Vigilance through its Summit Entertainment label, while IMR International is handling international sales. “We’re excited to be working with the great Joel Silver and the incredibly talented Sandra Bullock,” Lionsgate president of acquisitions and co-productions Jason Constantine said in a statement.

Wladyka is also the director of Manos Sucias, and Outcast from the creator of The Walking Dead. The deal was negotiated for Lionsgate by Constantine, Eda Kowan, executive vp of acquisitions and co-productions, and John Biondo, executive vp of business and legal affairs, acquisitions and co-productions.

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As previously announced, Sandra Bullock is back for more Ocean’s 8 shooting. She was caught yesterday (August 12) in New York City, alongside Cate Blanchett, doing more scenes for the all-female spinoff. Check the pics in our gallery.

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Yesterday during a Television Critics Association panel for the new season of American Horror Story, Sarah Paulson told reporters that Oceans 8 goes back next week for additional shooting, /Film is reporting.

“I am actually going to do some more of that next week, they decided to add more things. It was extraordinary to look around the room and see Cate Blanchett, whom I’ve worked with twice now, and Sandra Bullock and Rihanna and Mindy Kaling, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Awkwafina. It felt like a really empowering place to be and really fun. We have a text chain going that’s one of the most epic things. If my phone were stolen, it would be… I’m sure I’m just inviting everyone to hack my phone now.”

Gary Ross directs the script by Ross and Olivia Milch. Matt Damon is expected to appear in a cameo, providing more connection to the Ocean’s trilogy, and a Clooney cameo has not been ruled out.

Ocean’s Eight is due in theaters June 8, 2018.

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It’s been a while since we heard news about a new project featuring Sandra Bullock. But according with Showbiz 411, Sandra agreed to star in “Bird Box,” directed by Susanne Bier (The Night Manager).

“Bird Box” is based on an apocalyptic type thriller novel by Josh Malerman published in 2014. Bullock would play main character Malorie, mother of a pair of 4 year olds, trying to survive in the post-apocalyptic age.

The book received mixed reviews, so hopefully the screenplay by Eric Heisserer will come up with something more satisfying. Dylan Clark and Clayton Townsend are producing. Back in 2013, there were reports of a different director and producers, but the property was sold to Universal.

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The May issue of Total Film magazine featured the first look of Oceans’8. Check scans in our gallery.