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JoBlo has posted a snap of “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” poster, which brings a close-up of Sandy and Tom Hanks. Check it:

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I just found out, and added to the gallery, 45 new smallish mq pictures of Sandy at “The Blind Side” press conference, back in 2009. Some has a slight tag on it, but mostly are untagged.

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I replaced our old “Practical Magic” DVD quality screen captures for pretty new Blu-Ray quality ones. I hope you enjoy it!

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Going back to normal, here’s 1400+ HD screencaptures of 1995 “The Net”. Enjoy it!

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I have another great update for you today. I found some rare pictures (HQ sized) of Sandra back in 1994 when she attended the MTV Movie Awards. Some you’re able to find around in regular size, but some are totally exclusive to Adoring Sandy! I’m glad I could provide you with such rarity, so if you repost it around in forums or tumblr please give us a link back, since the pictures are totally free of fansite tags. :)

I have more updates to do, so you bet coming back to see what more I have for you.

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Another update, this time with screencaptures of “In Love and War”. Sadly this movie wasn’t released in Blu-Ray yet and the captures of my old copy isn’t great as the ones previously posted. Let’s hope this can get a HD release soon, so I can cap it in the quality the movie deserves. :D

1 Posted by Jess on May 31, 2011