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It’s been a while since Sandy appeared in a major magazine cover (her last ones was in 2015) but now with Ocean’s 8 promotion to kick in, we finally have our first cover in 2018, at the June issue of InStyle.

On the interview, she gave some hints on how was to work with the all-female cast, specially Cate and Sarah…

GC: This is the biggest female ensemble you’ve ever worked with. What was that like?

SB: Awesome. But guys would go to Gary [Ross, the film’s director] and ask, “So what’s it really like with all these women?” They thought we’d hate each other, but the exact opposite was true. We barely let Gary into the makeup trailer. Cate [Blanchett] and I were, like, on the mother ship. We’d be getting spackled in the morning and sharing stuff like, “I need pants for my son” or “Hey, what can I do to get more sleep?”

GC: Sarah Paulson—who you worked with on both Ocean’s 8 and the upcoming Bird Box—told me you made her laugh so hard she had tears streaming down her cheeks. She said, “There is no way to appropriately describe this power of hers.”

SB: With Sarah, it’s like when you’re in school with that friend, and the teacher says, “Stop talking,” and you just start crying and laughing. It’s like a chemical imbalance. We’re each other’s little drug habit.

Make sure to head over InStyle website for reading the full interview, or go to our gallery, which digital scans has been added.

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