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We doubt that Ryan Reynolds was actually frightened by the sight of a naked Sandra Bullock charging at him in The Proposal, but the actress insists that she would never attempt to strip in a film for the sake of sexiness.

“There’s nothing funnier than two naked bodies slapping together,” Bullock observed on the latest episode of The Graham Norton Show, airing July 11 on BBC America (or tonight, if you get BBC One).

“There’s nothing sexy about it at all—it’s funny. It’s not like your hug,” the ever-candid actress added, turning to fellow guest Nick Frost (who is rather cuddly). “It’s not intimate.”

But Bullock looked so great in The Proposal, Norton said—though he did admit that he was paying more attention to her costar’s naked body at the time.

“No, I don’t do naked for sexy,” the actress insisted. “Naked only works for me in the funny.”

“You don’t do naked in the serious, only in the funny?” her other fellow guest, Samuel L. Jackson, marveled in disbelief, his ears perking up.

“Yes!” Bullock said, to which he replied, “OK.”

“On film, not in real life!” she then assured Jackson before launching into her reasoning.

“If you’re having sex and you get recorded, and you don’t know you’re being recorded,” explained star of The Heat, “my guess—not that I’ve ever done this—is that you don’t look good doing it!

“I can’t imagine, that someone would look good whilst having intercourse not knowing they’re filmed. But you notice,” she added, leaning to one side to illustrate her point, “anytime someone has a sex tape, it’s beautifully lit, they got the good angles, it’s like, ‘that’s right,’ over the shoulders are great…

“Who does that? Who does that?!” she reiterated when Jackson just shrugged.

“I got some friends that do that,” he said, of course.


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