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I have another great update for you today. I found some rare pictures (HQ sized) of Sandra back in 1994 when she attended the MTV Movie Awards. Some you’re able to find around in regular size, but some are totally exclusive to Adoring Sandy! I’m glad I could provide you with such rarity, so if you repost it around in forums or tumblr please give us a link back, since the pictures are totally free of fansite tags. 🙂

I have more updates to do, so you bet coming back to see what more I have for you.

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  • Jess
    Posted on June 02, 2011

    What a great find! LOVE all the updates here, it’s like Sandy heaven!

  • sandyb_phil
    Posted on June 02, 2011

    i just wrote a simple poem for Sandra Bullock. hope someday she can read dis :)) and i hope that you guys will like this.


    O’ Goddess of Beauty
    Your eyes are like a star
    The spark and glow is always there
    That touches are heart and make it smile.

    Your voice is like music
    It is my favorite song
    It gives rhythm to my soul
    And make it dance all day long.

    Your smile is my favorite art
    It describes a million thoughts
    And as this smile crosses your face
    You make us all amaze

    You Sandra Bullock is my greatest motivation
    You’ve inspired me in many things
    You’ve touched my heart and others too
    No wonder, I/we love you!

    Your happiness is my only wish
    ‘coz that’s the gift that you deserved
    And if one day you need someone to hold on to
    Don’t be surprised if million people will surround you
    We were those you have inspired
    We are united because of you
    So let our prayers protect you
    Just use our back to guard you
    Hold our arms to lift you
    Hear our voices to cheer you, and
    Feel our hearts to love you.

    Oh Sandra! Oh Sandra!
    You are an angel from Above
    Descended here to shower love
    And share the blessings that you have.

    Our love for you will never fade.
    Our love for you will never change.