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Sandra Bullock recently admitted she’d love to have kids of her own even though she’s in her mid-40s. Her husband Jesse James, who has kids from a previous marriage, tells us he’s on board. “I would love to have more kids. Kids rule, so if it happens, it happens. You never know,” claims James of “Monster Garage” fame. For now, he tells us the two are happy with their lives, which are a lot more low-key than some might assume.

“We live a totally normal life. Other than driving Ferraris around and stuff, everything else is totally normal,” he adds with a laugh. “We have the kids, our house, the dogs. I get up at 5:30 every day and come into the shop and work, go to the gym, and go home. We’re pretty lucky to be doing what we’re doing, but we try to live as normal as possible. I’m still at the shop in Long Beach every day and I deal with customers on a daily basis. I try to keep my feet grounded and not stray too far from what put me on the map in the first place and that’s West Coast Choppers.”

James did recently venture out to film “Celebrity Apprentice 2” and he is also anticipating the release of his new Spike TV series “Jesse James Is A Dead Man” on May 31.

“With a name like that, the bar is set pretty high for what you’re going to see,” he notes of the series in which he takes on death-defying challenges like riding a motorcycle in minus 60-degree temperatures in the Arctic and riding along an F-16 Air Force to feel 9 Gs of force. “It’s not all stunts where I am hurling myself into or off of something,” he says. “Some things are physically and mentally tough and take endurance and training and skills. It was a challenge in that respect, but some of the stuff was definitely a life-changing experience.”

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