Report: Sandra Bullock Is ‘Incredibly Upset’ Over Arrest Of Ex Jesse James’ Son

Report: Sandra Bullock Is ‘Incredibly Upset’ Over Arrest Of Ex Jesse James’ Son

News of the recent arrest of the son of Jesse James has reportedly left his ex-wife Sandra Bullock feeling unnerved.

According to a report from RadarOnline, Bullock — who was married to the former “Monster Garage” star for five years — was “blindsided” by the arrest of James’ son

Jesse Eli James Jr. was sentenced to two days in jail earlier this year after pleading no contest to charges he assaulted ex-girlfriend Lucee Peterson. He was subsequently arrested for violating a protective order that Peterson was awarded by a judge.

“Sandra is incredibly upset someone she cared for and raised as a mother could be capable of harming another woman,” an unnamed “source close to the 57-year-old Oscar winner” told the outlet.

Bullock divorced James in 2010 after his extramarital affair with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee was exposed in the tabloids, resulting in numerous other women coming forward to claim he had also had sex with them during the course of his five-year marriage to Bullock.

Jennifer Coolidge Waitressed With Sandra Bullock in the ’80s: ‘Sandra Really Had Her Act Together’

Before The White Lotus star Jennifer Coolidge scored her first significant role, she was a cocktail waitress in the same restaurant where Sandra Bullock was a hostess.

Coolidge reflected on their time together in that industry, sharing how Bullock nabbed her prime waitressing shifts and how she knew the Miss Congeniality star was going “so f***ing far” in Hollywood.

Jennifer Coolidge is a ‘great example’ of beating the odds

While speaking to Ariana Grande for Entertainment Weekly, Coolidge reflected on having a career upswing in recent years. “… What I want to say is that it’s so hard to go through life and have hope when your life has been going a certain way that you don’t really approve of,” she said.

“I think of these jobs that you just can’t make it through the day and stuff, and I feel like this unexpected moment that happened to me can happen to anybody,” she went on. “Where you’re going along in the car, and you’ve been going the same speed all these years, and then all of a sudden this cool thing happens.”

“I think I’m a great example of ‘What are the odds?’ And this can happen to anybody,” she offered.

Jennifer Coolidge said Sandra Bullock was the reason she eventually left a job she ‘couldn’t get fired’ from

Coolidge spoke about working in a restaurant as a cocktail waitress before she found success in acting, revealing she once had a job she “couldn’t get fired” from. Even though she regularly bailed on her shifts to party, management didn’t terminate her.

Notably, Bullock also worked there as a hostess. “Sandra really had her act together,” Coolidge said on Jimmy Kimmel Live before noting she was vastly different and “partying a lot in those days.”

She told Conan O’Brien that Bullock eventually got her weekend cocktail waitressing shifts because she “stopped really showing up” for part of them. She was forced to quit the job, but she wasn’t holding it against Bullock. “I was so mad Sandra got the shifts,” she recalled. “But I wasn’t showing up.”

Jennifer Coolidge predicted Sandra Bullock would make it in showbusiness

Coolidge recalled feeling that Bullock was going places back then. She thought, “She’s going so f***ing far,” and noted she was also “incredibly nice” (per IndieWire).

The American Pie star said Bullock “had a much better idea of the business” than her. “She was much more savvier,” Coolidge explained. “She was running the show at 30.”

Bullock “got out early and had it figured it out,” according to her former co-worker, who added, “She really thought she could have her own thing.”

Unlike The Lost City star, Coolidge didn’t realize that to succeed in Hollywood, “you have to know the business.”

“I never really asked those questions. It never occurred to me to get my own thing going,” she shared. “I was waiting for people to give me my opportunities rather than create them.”

New Layout + ‘Bullet Train’ Screencaptures Added

New Layout + ‘Bullet Train’ Screencaptures Added

First off, Sam did an amazing job on this design that I had a hard time deciding which theme I wanted to match this with. Finally after months of not posting it and delaying it, I’ve decided to go with this amazing theme by Carol.

Bullet Train will be released on digital and later on blu-ray & dvd and I’ve managed to add screencaptures of Sandra’s brief appearance in the movie. I definitely recommend it as I was blown away by Aaron Taylor-Johnson‘s performance.

Bullock’s Main Priority Is ‘Being a Great Mom’ to Her Kids: Quality Time Makes Her ‘Truly Happy’

Bullock’s Main Priority Is ‘Being a Great Mom’ to Her Kids: Quality Time Makes Her ‘Truly Happy’

After decades in the spotlight making blockbuster films, Sandra Bullock is happiest at home with her two children.

“Sandra hates being away from them for days or weeks at a time,” an insider exclusively explains in the new issue of Us Weekly. “The only real challenge she has in front of her is being a great mom, and to her, that requires being away from Hollywood. The one resource she can’t just write a check and buy is quality time with her kids, and that’s the thing that makes her truly happy.”

The Lost City star, 57, made headlines earlier this year when she announced her intentions to take an acting hiatus.

“I take my job very seriously when I’m at work. … And I just want to be 24/7 with my babies and my family. That’s where I’m gonna be for a while,” Bullock — who adopted son Louis, 12, and daughter Laila, 10, in 2010 and 2015, respectively — told Entertainment Tonight in March, noting that she plans to “service [their] every need” and manage their “social calendars.”

The Virginia native — who coparents her two children with boyfriend Bryan Randall — has frequently gushed about her kids and her parenting styles through the years.

“When I finished [making Bird Box], I said [to them], ‘Here, Mommy made this for you. And even though you can’t see it until you’re 21 because apparently, a movie about being a mommy is a horror film, you will know when you see it that there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you,’” Bullock said at the MTV Movie & TV Awards in June 2019. “I wanted you to see what a family looks like. Sometimes you are born into a family and sometimes you need to go find it. Sometimes it finds you. No matter how it comes together, when it does, family is what you fight for, family is what you protect.”

She continued at the time: “You are my first thought in the morning. You are my last thought at night. I was put on this Earth to protect you. You are my world. I love you so much, and I will move mountains to make sure that you are safe.”

As Louis and Laila get older, it’s become increasingly important for the Hope Floats actress to spend this “special” time with them, according to a second insider.

For more on Bullock’s life as a doting mother of two, watch the video above and pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on stands now.

‘Bullet Train’ Moves A Week Later This Summer

‘Bullet Train’ Moves A Week Later This Summer

The Brad Pitt original action movie, Bullet Train, is moving from July 29 to Aug. 5.

Exhibitors got a look at the David Leitch directed movie’s opening montage at CinemaCon last month.

The movie based on the Kôtarô Isaka novel Maria Beetle follows trained assassin Ladybug (Pitt) who wants to give up his career, but is pulled back in by his handler Maria Beetle in order to collect a briefcase on a bullet train heading from Tokyo to Kyoto. Once onboard, he and other rival assassins learn that their objectives are connected.

Previously, Bullet Train moved into Black Adam‘s old date. However, now it’s facing off against Paramount’s Owen Wilson comedy Secret Headquarters and Universal’s Jo Koy family comedy Easter Sunday.

Why the move? We hear Sony is positioning Bullet Train as the last big event film of the summer in that first August weekend slot.

Leitch’s Fast & Furious spinoff Hobbs & Shaw debuted in that frame to $60M back in August 2019 and legged out to $174M stateside.

Sandra Attending the UK Premiere of ‘The Lost City’

Sandra Attending the UK Premiere of ‘The Lost City’

Forgive me, I thought I had added these to the gallery. I bring you over 300 + HQ photos of Sandra attending the UK Premiere back in March 31st of this year. She was there with her co-star Channing Tatum and she looked flawless!