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I have some additions to the magazine gallery, thanks once again to always helpful Elmira. I’m looking for someone that can translate to english this russian article. If you’re able to help us, please, email me at Thanks in advance. Magazine Scans > Magazines Clippings > 2011 – Clippings Magazine Scans > Magazines in 2011 to 2012 > 2011 – Phychologies Russia (April)

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Thanks to always adorable Elmira I did today a HUGE gallery update. She has sent to us scans from various magazines around the world, including publications from Russia, Ukraine, France, UK… Finally I’ve sorted and uploaded something near 200 files from 2007 to 2001. Enjoy! Magazine Scans > Magazines Clippings > 2007 – Clippings Magazine Scans > Magazines Clippings > 2009 – Clippings Magazine Scans > Magazines Clippings > 2010

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Thanks to lovely Nicky we have now scans of Sandra covering the Best of 2010 issue of Playboy. Check the gallery (and don’t forget to link us back if reposting) 😉 Magazine Scans > Magazines in 2009 to 2010 > 2010 – People (December 23, 2010)

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Sandra is feautred on cover of latest Entertainment Weekly issue. Thanks so much to my friend Kelly, for taking her time to scan it for us. Magazine Scans > Magazines in 2010 > EW – September 10, 2010 Sandra Bullock wasn’t buying the hype. Speaking to EW last fall, weeks before the opening of a little heart-warmer of a movie called The Blind Side, the actress – who had reemerged

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Sandy is featured at this week issue of Entertainment Weekly, with True Blood on cover. It talks about Sandra’s new (no-more?) project with Ryan Reynolds, “Most Wanted”. Thanks to Kelly, we already have fresh scans in our gallery. Magazine Scans & Outtakes > Magazines > Entertainment Weekly – June 18, 2010

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Sandra Bullock’s representative has dismissed the reports, the suggestion that the actress is ready to adopt a second child. However, a representative said that the rumors Gossip Cop who want another child soon are “completely false.” “As of now, has no intention and has never thought of adopting another child,” she added. This rumors was out on cover of gossip magazine In Touch, which is best know for spotting trash