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The last issue of People Magazine brings a very nice article about Sandy and Warren Easton, the public charter high school in New Orleans that she adopted after the Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. Her donations have helped rebuild the campus, fund scholarships for graduates, pay for athletic equipment and band uniforms and open a health clinic. No one ever talks about the good. If you are ever wondering about

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A new photo session has been added to the gallery, it was published back in February at LA Times: Photoshoot Sections > Sessions > #055

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Finally, I managed to add screen captures of Gravity to our gallery, as well screen captures from the DVD extras. It took me the whole day to proper sort everything, since there’s over 2 hours of extras, with plenty of behind-the-scenes and interviews. Check it by following the previews below: Film Productions > (2013) Gravity > DVD/Blu-Ray Screencaptures Film Productions > (2013) Gravity > DVD Extras: Behind-the-Scenes – Gravity, Mission

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And finally I have updated the gallery with pictures of Sandra last night at the Academy Awards. She was stunning in a navy blue dress, and sadly, she didn’t win as Best Actress (the award goes to Cate Blanchett), but it was definitely a great award season for Sandy, specially when it goes to her style. She had so many incredible choices and this navy Alexander McQueen gown. Check our

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Sandra Bullock presented “Gravity” director Alfonso Cuaron with the Visionary Award during the 12th annual VES Awards last February 12, 2014. The VES Awards recognizes outstanding visual effects artistry and innovation in film, animation, television, commercials and video games and the VFX supervisors, VFX producers and hands-on-the-keys artists. I have a few pictures added to the gallery, thanks to Claudia. Public Appearances > Appearances in 2014 > Feb 12 |

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Sandy attended yesterday the 2014 Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, looking beautiful in a Stella McCartney ensemble. I have the first batch of pictures added, as you can see in the previews below: Public Appearances > Appearances in 2014 > Feb 10 | 86th Oscars Nominee Luncheon