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Hello friends! I hope you’re having a really nice holidays season! This update should have come a few days ago, as a Christmas gift, but life got me busy. You can consider it as a late gift, tho. I have over 300 HQ pictures from different events Sandy attended this year, including some we only had in mq-sized. It’s the first update today (other nice ones are coming tonight), so

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The inside look from Warner Bros. at how they filmed the genre-bending outer space film features Bullock practicing space choreography in her now-infamous tank top on a soundstage, Clooney discussing the screenplay, and the producers talking about the visual effects and technology the film uses so seamlessly. Film Productions > (2013) Gravity > Gravity: From Script to Screen

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Back in 2005 Sandra did a cameo on this Kevin Bacon movie, starred by his wife Kyra Sedgwick. Sandy is not mentioned on the initial credits and it’s the last name on the ending ones, and wasn’t mentioned on the posters when the movie was released, so mostly people didn’t know she was part of it. The movie tells the story of a neglected daughter that becomes a possessive mother.

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Pictures of Sandy at Gravity screening in Tokyo has just been added to the gallery. Public Appearances > Appearances in 2013 > ‘Gravity’ Tokyo Screening – December 05th

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Pictures of Sandy attending today a press conference for ‘Gravity’ in Tokyo has now been added to the gallery: Public Appearances > Appearances in 2013 > ‘Gravity’ Tokyo Press Conference – December 04th

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I have some additional photoshoots added to the gallery, as you can see for the previews below: Photoshoot Sections > Sessions > #048 Photoshoot Sections > Sessions > #051 Photoshoot Sections > Sessions > #052