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Just added the first batch of Sandy in Golden Globes red carpet. More to come…

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  • ohsophierce

    @adoringsandra thank you SO much for those! <3

  • amy moretta

    I looooooooove sandras hair
    i just love her <3

  • Ana

    She was soooo beautiful, I loved her outfit. Sandy’s perfect <3

  • Steven Louis Chapman

    What a lady, “she bangs!”

  • Steven Louis Chapman

    Still awaiting moderation WTF! I grace your site! Are you friends w/ Sandra? I am! Like I said anything bad. You’ve written 4 paragraphs that you copied and put some photos up and you are privileged to her wishes? I’ve written 3 books poetry about her the second coming out soon and you judge me? Where is the respect!

  • Steven Louis Chapman

    Look up so Sandra and whose name is bigger than most twirling around with Sandra. I post my poems and comments everyday on SB online immediately with no moderation. I could bring traffic to your site. Check out my poems. I could start posting them here to.