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Finally! All previous files from our old gallery was transferred, and you now has a brand new – and specially, organized – gallery. As said, I’ve replaced mostly our previous files from brand new ones, untagged and in better quality. Some old files remained tagged until I’m able to find the pictures, scans or videos again to replace.

If you browse around the new gallery you’ll see hundreds of new files. We used to have something around 20.000 pictures and now the new gallery has 31.000 – and you can be sure there’s a lot more to be added. Of course is a great number, but we’re still not covering the whole Sandra’s career, there’s a lot more to dig (specially her early career), so, if you have anything to contribute, please do so. You’ll be fully credited.

Happy browsing, and come back soon, because there’s a lot more to be added.

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  • Mary

    Well congratulations! That makes for another very BORING site. Sounds like the same people that run SandraBullockCentral. Snooze fest!!!!

  • Mary

    Stalkerazzi? Pleeze! You act like you don’t Google and check out what she’s up to. “I don’t think she’s comfortable with it”? Quit acting like you know her. Just merge this site with SandraBullockCentral and call it a day because your site isn’t anything different than the boring one they are running.

  • Luciana

    If you can find pics “googling”, then you don’t have any reason to complain, right?

    And yes, I don’t know Sandra. I like her as an actress, and this site is a tribute to her career. Trash sites full of gossips, you have plenty of it around the web.

  • Mary

    I wasn’t complaining. I was making an observation. I didn’t say anything about me googling pap pics, I said YOU act like YOU don’t. You know you browse those “trash sites” daily just praying that Sandy has been snapped by the paps but you won’t post them on your site because you act like those pictures are just so wrong when deep down you love ’em. Seems kinda hypocritical don’t ya think?

  • Luciana

    Mary, no my love, you didn’t get my point.
    I don’t like paparazzi pictures. I don’t visit some particular gossip sites that only survive by celebrity gossips. But of course I’m not blind… I know some fans like it, and that’s why I’m apologizing because they won’t find it here.