This layout is a little bit late in, at least, 20 days. I did it a day after Sandy won the Academy Awards, but wasn’t easy to find some free time and finish it. Until today.

Let me know if you find any error.

Updates are coming, I still need to finish the merging of Marica’s website with this one. There’s great things to be added.

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  • Mar 22, 10Jess says:  

    I love the new layout! And I love the Oscar theme – those photos will never get old 😀 Great job Lu 🙂

  • Mar 22, 10Amany says:  

    I love it!
    good job 🙂

  • Mar 22, 10Fram says:  

    amazing layout Lu!!!
    I totally love it!
    she looks totally stunning!

  • Mar 22, 10Sophie says:  

    I’m in love with the new layout! Well done!

  • Mar 23, 10Myra says:  

    OMG! i love it, she looks gorgeous in that picture!

  • Mar 23, 10Shallah says:  

    Fantastic!! I love it 🙂

  • Mar 31, 10MATT AND DAUN says:  

    We sure enjoyed the layout . I know your time is precious so i ll let you go TAKE CARE MATT AND DAUN .